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Wishes.inc was created to answer the question:

Wishes.inc empowers donors with complete transparency on their donations. Donors have visibility into their donation from the time they donate, to when the donation is spent.

Wishes.inc increases trust between Wishers (those in need) and their Donors. Plus Donors get tax deductibility on every donation (even to individuals) along with credit card rewards on donations. Wishers will have access to their funds shortly after they have fundraised. We have no fundraising minimums or limits.



A platform to connect those in need with those willing and able to help. Our mission is to get the needed resources and support directly to the individuals and families that need it most in times of crisis.


With our One-of-a-Kind giving platform, Wishes.inc creates rewards and transparency on both ends of every transaction

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We walk you through the process of producing great videos to increase your chances of getting funded in 3 easy steps with a phone or camera.

Trust & Safety | We have your back.

We manage campaigns globally and have a dedicated team dedicated to trust and safety. With transparency and immediate purchase power your in good hands with Wishes.inc.

Wishers | 3 easy steps to wish.
  • Register and Get your Wish Kit.
  • Tell us what do you need help with.
  • Submit your wisher videos and upload to get views today
Donors | 3 easy steps to donate.
  • What category or story would you like to support.
  • Check your rewards associated with your card
  • Directly help individuals or support a charity.
  • Complete donation and make an impact today.

Let’s Build Transparency