For The Wisher

Welcome to Wishes,

Wishes was created to make it easier for people and causes to get the funding they need by connecting you with donors who care. In this Wish Kit we provide you with guidance on how to create your page, and attract and grow donors to fund your Wish.

Instructions on setting up your Wishes

Fundraising page

Video Instructions

  1. Download the Wishes app (in the App Store or Google Play)
  2. Open the app
  3. Select Add Story from the bottom menu 
  4. Begin creating your Wishes Fundraising Story
    • Add a photo
    • Add a video
    • Add Tags
    • Add Title
    • Add a Description
      • Tell your story or the story of the individual, family or organization you are fundraising for. Tell the story of how donations from Wishes will help you or your organization
    • Add a Thank you Message you want your Donors to receive
    • Add What you are fundraising for (Categories) (you can choose up to 4 from the following options:
      • Insurance, Recovery, Out of Pocket, Memorial
      • Rideshare, Internet, Business, Streaming
      • Airfare, Hotel, Retail, Charity
      • Groceries, Gasoline, Restaurant, Utilities
    • Add target dollar goal for each category
    • Publish
    • Share your location so donors can find you
      on Social Media
    • Provide regular updates (weekly is the best practice) for your donors

Video Best Practices

  1. Plan
  2. Storytelling
  3. Equipment
  4. Lighting
  5. Background
    • The story is about you or your organization so keep the background simple
    • Follow the Rule of Thirds, keep your head a little higher than center of the frame, and space on both sides
    • Background Resources
  6. Record
    • Find a quiet place
    • Record a run through
  7. Edit
    • If you want to edit, use simple software to help you, don’t overdo it
    • Video Best Practices (video)
    • Video Tutorial (video)