Wishes.inc will connect you with Donors who care about your cause

In a world filled with many worthy causes, how can you ensure donors make the right choice?
Wishes.inc has the answer: Donations with Trust

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Discover the Magic

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Why Wishes.inc!

  • Are you, a friend or family member in need?
  • Are you interested in connecting with donors who care about your cause?
  • Are you fundraising for a specific need
  • Are you in urgent need of funding?

Sample areas include:

Emergency, Health, Memorial, Life Essentials, Transportation

Connecting you to the ones that Care.

Wishes.inc will share with you a Wish Kit, to guide the telling of your story and to share best practices for attracting donors to your story.

Wishes will provide you with a link to share your Wishes.inc Fundraising Page on social media.

Wishes.inc enables you to spend the fundraised money right in our shopping portal so you can get what you need as soon as you need it.

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